Reality Marketing and Design...Real Marketing, Real Design, Real People
Reality Marketing and Design...Real Marketing, Real Design, Real People
specializing in communications for traditional
and internet business promotion

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Reality Marketing and Design...Real Marketing, Real Design, Real People

Our philosophy on effective marketing.

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail."

At RMD we use real marketing with real design and real people to create your advertising. We are not afraid of budget constraints or direct client involvement during development. We make marketing your company simple!

An advertising plan must be solidly structured, but able to respond to the ever changing market. A basic plan should have a strong foundation consisting of research which includes the customer's wants and needs coupled with the product's ability to satisfy those wants and needs.

At Reality Marketing and Design we have solid experience in developing advertising plans which stem from constantly doing our own research into product manufacturing trends, new market trends, consumer (end user) trends, demographic and historic case studies utlilizing the latest technology to provide accurate data for a targeted client-driven advertising plan.

How RMD creates effective advertising campaigns.

Implementing methods for gathering background research.

Applying information learned about competitive products / services
for short- and long-term planning.

Writing a comprehensive plan which involves clear goals for over-all
strategy, assigning budgets, niche campaigns, and followup to response—
finalized by evaluation of results and adjusting for future programs.

Preparing creative strategies in advertising, product promotion and
public relations for implementation of marketing campaigns.
Services include placement in all forms of media.

Full service art, design, typography, photography/multimedia studio
primarily for print and multi-media distribution, and web as an offshoot.

Aside from the traditional marketing materials produced ,
Reality Marketing and Design offers the following other services:

Custom T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, hats, jackets and several
other image building business garments and accessories.

Custom advertising specialties from pens, key chains, mugs and
other items to totes, executive toys and other "thanks-for-your-business" items and much more!

A wide variety of imprinted materials calendars, date/schedule books, greeting cards, custom presentation binders, portfolios and more.

At Reality Marketing and Design we are always happy to quote on any marketing avenue you would like to investigate. Contact us today!

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